Photos: Judy Longney Curran

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Trick training is the key to understanding so much about your dog!  The benefits of trick training are absolutely endless.  Tricks give you the chance to learn how your dog learns!!  With this knowledge, the sky is the limit what you can successfully train your dog to do!

Tricks build confidence in the shy dog, they allow you to teach body awareness, they give your dog a chance to use its brain, and they give you a chance to strengthen your relationship with your dog in only a few minutes a day!

The best part about trick training is that you don’t need a big yard and you don’t need any expensive equipment.  All that you need is an open mind and a few minutes a couple times of day.  


Classes are FOUR WEEKS in length

Group sizes are FIVE DOGS MAX.

Unleash the key to knowing your dog more then you
ever thought possible - all while having the time of your life!