Photos: Judy Longney Curran

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Rally Obedience is a combination of obedience and agility.  It is similar to agility in that a course pattern is set up in advance. The difference is the course is made up of exercises instead of obstacles.  Dog and handler team move from station to station on their own completing each exercise. Praise, double commands and lots of encouragement are allowed!!

Rally is a great sport of dogs (and handlers!) of any age!  If helps to build confidence in the shy dog, allows an older dog the chance to challenge itself, and, most importantly, is just another great activity to play with your dog!

The exercises and skills taught are beneficial in many more situations then just the Rally-Obedience trial ring.   Randomly throw these exercises into your daily walk with your dog and you suddenly have a dog that is paying more attention to you - waiting in anticipation for what exciting thing you are going to ask of them next!

For anyone that thinks they might be interested in competitive obedience, I highly suggest doing some Rally Obedience first as it serves as a great stepping stone to the more ‘formal’ obedience where extra commands and encouragement are not allowed in a true trial situation.


around, three steps forward, about turns, etc.

Classes are SIX WEEKS in length

Group sizes are FIVE DOGS MAX.