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Life Skills for your puppy or dog of any age!

Our basic obedience classes are great for all dogs, whether a puppy you’ve just brought home or a ten year old dog you are looking to start some training with.

By creating a fun learning environment where games are used to teach most skills, we aim to give you and your dog the tools necessary to get on your way to developing basic skills that are the foundation of a great relationship with your dog.


Classes are SIX WEEKS in length

Group sizes are FIVE DOGS MAX.

Having a great relationship with your dog starts with the most basic of skills and understanding of leadership.  Dogs want us to show them that we are there to lead and protect them.  Dogs are pack animals and within any pack, there is a leader.  It is our duty as their owner to responsibly take on that leadership role - it’s not a role our dogs should feel the need to take on themselves.  Once we have established that we are taking on that role, an incredible relationship will begin to build and grow!!

The word “leadership” tends to have a lot of negativity associated with it when it comes to dog training.  This should not be the case!  It’s not about forceful actions to show your dog ‘who’s the boss’, rather it’s about teaching the dog that you hold the keys to all things ‘good’ in life and in order to earn those keys, the dog must learn to respect you and play by your rules.  If they choose not to, they simply don’t get the privileges to those keys.   If you have kids, this may sound familiar - if children respect you and your rules, you allow them more freedom to do the things they enjoy but as soon as they start disrespecting you, they start to lose those privileges.