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I have been so blessed to have so many incredible experiences and opportunities through my involvement in dog training and trailing.  We’ve met some incredible people and organizations to whom we owe so much!  

Below are just a few of these awesome people and/or businesses.  Please check them out!

Great training facilities that have helped/continue to help me with my own training!

Agile Canines - Agility training for all levels.  Sandra Bourne

Agile Dog Training -  Agility training for all levels.  Jessica Martin         

Red Barn Event Centre - A great training facility in Barrie offering all sorts of events/training

Agility University - Offering a variety of online classes for you and your canine!

Competing in any performance sport at a high level requires some specialized healthcare.  The below facilities/people have been instrumental in keeping Blizzard running!  We would highly recommend them.

Abernant Veterinary Services - Stand By Me K9 Networks awesome winter “home” located in Stayner. Personal Verterinary Care….come visit this great facility!

404 Veterinary Referral Hospital - Offering Veterinary Rehabilitation, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, and Cardiology services on a referral basis.  If your dog ever requires any of these specialized services, ask your personal veterinary for a referral.  Dogs are a part of our family and as such deserve to be given the opportunity for the specialized care should the need ever arise. The level of care and service provided by any of the staff that I’ve had the pleasure dealing with at this facility has always been awesome!

Gentle Touch - Offering Canine Massage.  Blizzard loves her Auntie Lisa.  If you’ve ever had a massage yourself, I’m sure you are aware of how awesome they can be - it’s no different for our dogs.  The benefits of regular massages are plentiful.  Visit Gentle Touch’s page to find out more about canine massage.

Kingstone Chiropractic - Dr. Angela Martin-King. Animal Chiropractor extraordinare!! :-)

Chidiac Animal Hospital - Personal Veterinary Care

Woodcock Veterinary Services - Animal Chiropractor and Rehabilitation

Balance 4 Wellness - Offering an awesome canine friendly bootcamp run out of the incredible acreage that Abernant Veterinary Services is located on!  Exercises are adjusted to suit all fitness levels in a fun and supportive environment.  

And a few other miscellaneous links to some great resources!!

Nothing Added - An awesome source of some healthy, all-natural treats for your dog.  Blizzard’s all time favourite!

Sadie & Mitz - All natural shampoos, conditioners, Bug Be Gone, Mat Free, and Blizzard favourite, Glamour Glitter!

Must Luv Dogs - Offering comfortable, stylish, and functional cooling coats for your dog.

4 My Merles - Offering a variety of Canadian custom made dog toys and retail items.

TuffPawsh - Awesome dog collards and leashes!  Incredible selection of ribbons!!!

The great Sheltie breeders involved in bringing Blizzard into my life!

Cermel Shelties - Cyndy Ermel - Waterloo, Ontario

Bradshaw Shelties - Laurie Bogaert - Sombra, Ontario

Aberdale Shelties - Heather Walton - Port Rowan, Ontario

Herdabout Shelties - Kellie and Jeff Whiteside - Wasaga Beach, Ontario

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achievement depends on a community of persons working together.”

Photo: Len Silvester