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Help your children learn the magic of the human-canine bond while 
teaching them about responsibility and respect for animals

The earlier we can teach people about the wonderful relationship that can be had with our canine friends, the better!

Children share a special ‘innocence’ with dogs that allow them to have a special bond if given the chance and tools to build a great relationship.  Not to mention it’s a great way to get your child away from a computer screen and doing something physical!!

This class is specifically designed to keep younger handlers/trainers engaged in the training process.  It’s kept fun and interactive !!  We focus on AGILITY but will add a little obedience and trick training where necessary.   Games will be used to teach all skills and special homework assignments to help teach responsibility will be given weekly.

*Class is geared towards children 7-15 yrs old.  

*The child must be able to keep general control of the dog.  If you are unsure about this, please contact us to arrange a ½ hr private to assess the situation before signing up for a group class.


Classes are SIX WEEKS in length

Group sizes are five DOGS MAX.

While parents are more than welcome to stay and watch, I have found the dogs tend to work much better (staying focused with the child) when the parent is not in sight.  

So, if you chose and your child feels comfortable being left, I invite you to go do some errands and/or have a coffee for the hour!!  :-)  I promise to send video after the session is over!!! :)

Classes will run out of Abernant Veterinary Services in Stayner

CONTACT ME IF INTEREST!  Current classes running Tuesday Evenings

Here is a video montage of the first ever Cnd Jr. Agility Games held recently just outside of Barrie, ON.  The event attracted kids from across Cnd and was an absolute BLAST!!!   Maybe next year, your child could be apart of this FUN!!!!!!! :-)