Photos: Judy Longney Curran

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Take your basic obedience skills to the next level with this competitive obedience course.  While you will learn all that is required to enter a real obedience trial, the skills learnt can benefit anyone wanting an extra challenge and more advanced obedience training.  The attention and distraction training skills that we will focus on are sure to benefit most dogs - whether you ever intend to trial or not!

Competitive obedience has a reputation of being ‘overly formal’ and just ‘no fun’ for the dog or handler.  We believe that even in this ‘formal’ environment, the dog, or handler for that matter, should never feel like they are working.  With that in mind, fun games are used to teach the formal skills necessary to create a dog that enjoys working with you - one that believe it is a GAME rather than a job!


Classes are SIX WEEKS in length

Group sizes are FIVE DOGS MAX.

Competitive Obedience
Challenge yourself and your dog’s skills while
Discovering that ‘formal’ obedience can be FUN!

Blizzard and I competing in a Novice level CKC Obedience trial - and earning a score of 197.5 / 200