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I just wanted to thank you so much for last night's lesson! I sooo enjoyed it and learned so much. My head was quite full of valuable, incredible information that I really appreciated. I've started going through the hand out to digest the things you said more fully. Blaze is going to benefit greatly from your knowledge and insight. Now, I have to get cracking on more training! Julian showed his brother the closed fist, open fist activity. He's proud of himself and blaze can see him as more of a leader. Looking forward to next week already.

Michelle H  ~ June 12, 2013


I just wanted to say thank you for your attendance and support at our first annual DogFest.  Your energy and enthusiasm was infectious and really made for a great demo.  With your help DogFest was a huge success!  

Thanks again, Derek & The GTHS DogFest Team ~  August 19, 2013 <Re Stand By Me Agility/Trick Demo>

Hi Kelly,

Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoyed your class last night.  You really have an excellent teaching style and I am sure your new business will really take off.

See you next week, Lori  ~ August 21, 2013

Obedience and Rally classes finished on Sept 24th with graduation !
We were very lucky to have Kelly as a trainer. I think everyone enjoyed the classes and had nothing but good to say. Most would have come back for more, I'm hoping we can convince Kelly to come back next spring.

Barbara B - Grey Bruce Kennel & Obedience Club  ~ Sept 2013

Great experience. Lots of homework to do :) Thanks, looking forward to the next sessions.

~ February 2014

Would prefer an indoor/heated facility for the winter, however we understand the challenges that there are with this area. We would definitely return for another class

~ February 2014

Fantastic puppy class!   My puppy and I learned lots during the session including basic commands and fun games to keep him focused. Puppies were encouraged to progress at their own speed. Kelly is extremely knowledgeable, motivating and willing to answer all of your questions. I loved the small class size, the positive approach, the detailed handout and that young puppies could attend. We are eager to start agility!

Annette Carter ~February 2014

Kelly is so positive and upbeat, she makes you believe your dog may be well trained someday. All the handouts are great reference guides I will refer to in the future. Any email questions were always answered well and in a timely manner. We are looking forward to our next session of classes. Thanks Kelly and Blizzard!

David,Lynda and Jessie ~ September 2, 2013

Most totally awesome class!  Apparently you are amazing!  Aja talked about you and the class ALL the way home!!

Dr. Tai <of her daughter’s first Junior Agility class > ~February 2014

Written material is excellent. Kelly is an excellent instructor and very helpful with each dog in the class even though the dogs were at different levels of training and of different ages. Highly recommend her. ...M.

M. ~March 1, 2014

I am so glad I took the basic training course. It taught me to teach Lucy in a fun and rewarding way. She now knows "Leave it and drop it" too :) Had a great experience. Everyone should do it at least once :)

Christine L ~March 12, 2014

Hi Kelly, I just wanted to thank you for the puppy classes. I really admire your teaching methods and appreciate your expertise when it comes to understanding dog behavior. Your step by step instruction booklet is very helpful and your love of dogs is quite apparent. Hope to work with you again in the future. Your canine friends Levon and Eli.

Debi ~ September 24, 2015

Kelly is a great trainer - very energetic and knowledgeable. We enjoyed her Obedience class very much. Thanks Kelly - we see a big improvement in our puppy!

KC ~ September 20, 2015