Photos: Judy Longney Curran

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Agility is just plain awesome!!  Every dog/handler can benefit from agility in some way.  Whether it’s just to strengthen your bond, help an active dog burn some energy, build a shy dog’s confidence, help you and your dog get/keep in shape, or just to add some variety into your training, agility has something to offer you and your dog!

All that you need before giving agility a try is an understanding of very basic obedience skills (ie. Have some control over your dog and some knowledge of basic commands :)  )….and of course an open mind and a willingness to laugh and have FUN!!

While all our classes focus on using fun and interactive games to teach skills, this concept is used even more in our agility classes - especially at the intro. Levels.  From the get go, we want our dogs to think of agility as nothing but a fun and exciting game - never “work”!


       drive, and balance of obstacle/handler focus

Classes are SIX WEEKS in length

Group sizes are FIVE DOGS MAX.

The above outlines the basic agility classes.  What is taught in each class will progress. as you do!

Offering all the amazing benefits of dog 
training wrapped into one exciting package!
Photo: Len Silvester